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The only lender which gives you a super low-rate personal loan and with money-back when your loan ends.



That's the stuff of Heroes!



It's the new way to borrow money!



The only personal loan that gives you CASHBACK! when your loan ends.

Get an amazing low-rate loan from your local bank and when your loan ends, you could get back as much as


in cold hard cash with no hidden catches!


Lower rates than the big banks

Example: Borrow £3,000 and see the difference


8% APR


20.9% APR


19.9% APR


19.9% APR

Comparison correct at 10/09/21 on loans up to £4,999 when compared to Barclays, Halifax, Santander, Nationwide, TSB. Wessex Community Bank personal loans had a lower APR.



With every single loan repayment you make, we stash a little bit of cash away for you at the same time in to your personal cashback savings account.


So, when your loan ends, you'll have built-up a lovely pot of money.


And it's all yours to keep! No hidden catches.




Personal Loans


It's all in the name.


Our personal loans really are personal. Every loan is assessed on it's own merit by a 'real' person.


You're not just another automated decision to us.







It's where real Heroes are made.






Home Improvements | New or Used Car I Pay Off Expensive Credit Cards & Overdrafts

Try out the calculator.




You will not pay back more on your loan than you would otherwise by taking out this product.

Do not take out this type of loan purely on the basis of obtaining a cashback.



Most loans come with a 3 months repayment holiday which can be taken one month at a time, or one go.





Pay your loan off early & we guarantee they'll be no 'rounding up' of interest charges until the end of the month.





You'll be part of honest and genuine local banking. Run by local people for local people.





Borrow and save at the same time with the CASHBACK! Loan. It's awesome.




Representative example: 8% APR Representative based on a loan of £2,500 repayable over 24 months at an interest rate of 11% pa (fixed). Monthly repayment of £116.52 Total amount payable £2,796.47. Rates vary depending on your personal circumstances. This calculator is a guide to repayments.


Terms & Conditions of offer

Our comparable offer is based on one of the following lenders listed below, offering a combination deal comprising all of the following attributes. Three month payment break, 2 months deferred start option, no redemption penalty, cashback when the loan ends of at least 10% of the loan amount. Offer based on single applicant unsecured personal loan, excluding car finance agreements or loan agreements attached to conditional purchases, home improvement offers or offered via third-parties or buy now pay later agreements.. The comparable lenders includes: Halifax. Nationwide. Barclays. TSB. Lloyds. Natwest. Provident. Santander. HSBC. COOP. RBS. Based on a maximum loan of £4.999. You will need to provide a loan offer from one of the lenders listed and not an assumption that you will be granted a loan at the rate advertised by any comparable lender. In the unlikely event you can find a better overall deal e'll guarantee to match it. If we can't, we'll give you £50



We currently can't lend to you:


If you are self-employed

If you are on contract or on zero hr

If you have had a Debt Relief Order (DRO) in the last 6 years

If you have had an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) in the last 6 years

If you have been employed less than 6 months


Standard criteria


Minimum age at outset - 18

Max age at loan end - 75

Minimum loan - £350

Maximum loan £4,999

Maximum loan - £15,000 when secured against savings

Employed or benefit or pension income considered


Flexibility as standard


No penalty for repaying your loan off early

No set up fees

No late payment fees

Interest charged daily

Pay weekly, 4 weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Pay by standing order or direct debit

3 months payment holiday (in one go or separately) Available on selected loan products

*dependent on loan type


Small print

Make sure you can afford the repayments. A loan is an important financial commitment and failure to keep to the monthly repayments may result in an adverse effect on your credit rating. Always talk to us if you are experiencing financial difficulties. Applicants must be aged 18 or over. Loans subject to status. 

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