Not-for-profit community banking since 2001.


Genuine social-impact banking.


We are for people who want to invest or borrow with a not-for-profit bank. Simple.



It's truly Heroic!


Regulated by the Bank Of England. Registration number 213757



It's not everyday you come across a not-for-profit bank.


Be different

What is a not-for-profit bank?


Most banks seek profits for their own good and to pay their investors and executives bonuses.


Members (people who save and borrow with us) own our bank as a cooperative.


Any 'profits' we make are called surpluses. Surpluses are invested in the local community to create a fair socio-economic system.


Investors? Shareholders? No thanks


Unlike many high street banks, we don't have greedy shareholders or faceless investors. 


All of the money we earn is used in pursuing the groups social objectives of fair, ethical and  affordable-finance.


Inclusive not exclsuive


Unlike most banks, we don't pick and choose who can bank with us based on employment status, financial capability, social status or any other pre-judgement.


We don't base your Membership on how much you are worth to the bank. 


We believe everyone is equal.


Local money which stays in the local economy


Evidence show that circa 86% of all loans we issue are used for purchases locally within our common-bond.


This supports local businesses, employment and keeps local money moving in a micro-economic way which supports our communities.


Community Grant



We've already provided valuable grants to local projects including:


Wessex Blood Bikes

CAB Havant

Solent Junior Devils Ice Hockey Team

6th Gosport Scouts Group

Zero waste Portsmouth

and many others.


Our Ethical



We believe in real social-impact investing. 

  • Investing with guarantees against customer loss.
  • Investing with honesty and transparency.
  • Supporting economic and social development in Hampshire & IOW, Southern West Sussex, East Dorset & East Surrey.





The bank for people in Hampshire & IOW,  Southern West Sussex, East Dorset & West Surrey.

Personal Loan

Lower rates than the big banks

Current Account

VISA debit card and Rewards Scheme

Ethical ISA

Invest in your local community

Savings Account

Instant access for a rainy day

Safe & secure

Being small and local doesn't mean we're not a fully regulated bank.


We're dual regulated by the (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority and the (PRA) Prudential Regulatory Authority under the Bank of England registration number 213757. All our customer deposits are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000 of individual savings.

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