Not-for-profit Community Banking

since 2001





We are your bank






We exclusively serve local people across Hampshire, IOW.

We invest our profits in to our local community





Regulated by the Bank Of England. Registration number 213757



Our ethical policy

investing with guarantees against customer loss
investing with honesty and transparency
supporting economic and social development in Hampshire & IOW



We are the not-for-profit

Community Bank for Hampshire & Isle of Wight


We opened in 2001. We've grown quite a bit since then and thousands of local people have become part of local banking. We're a regulated bank & authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration No 213757.




Local money that stays in the local economy


When you save with us, your money is not only 100% safe, but invested in the local community in lots of different ways.  This helps our community grow and prosper.




The Wessex Community Grant


We also use some of the profit we make to provide finance through our grant scheme

for local groups, events and charities .





What makes us so different?

As a co-operative organisation, when you take a loan (or save from as little as £1) you become a 'part-owner' in our bank. You're a Member.




Investors? Shareholders? No thanks.

We don't have greedy outside shareholders or investors. We won't allow shareholders or investors to take our profits. When we make money, we give this back to you (our Members) in the form of annual dividend payment.




Having no shareholders or investors also means you have a say in how we run our business, not a fund manager or corporate investor. You have voting rights (even if you only have £1 in your account) and can have a say in how we run our bank and you can vote at our AGM.




100% safe & secure.

We are regulated by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority and your money is protected by the government £85,000 compensation scheme. If something happens and our bank ceases trading, you'll get back all your money up to £85,000 invested. (currently, our maximum individual deposit is £25,000)




What call centre!

Local staff work from our offices in Portsmouth. Friendly helpful people who always go the extra mile. 









Portsmouth Savers opens as a not-for-profit Credit Union for people who live, work or study in Hampshire



Portsmouth Savers acquire Winchester Savers



Portsmouth Savers acquire Basingstoke Savers



Portsmouth Savers acquire Southampton Savers



Portsmouth Savers rebrand all acquisitions to

United Savings & Loans



United Savings & Loans

acquire Havant Savers



United Savings & Loans

acquire Isle of Wight Credit Union



United Savings & Loans rebrand as

Hampshire Credit Union



Hampshire Credit Union rebrand as

Wessex Community Bank



Wessex Community Bank

with several million in Members deposits and loans,

we serve thousands of people across Hampshire.





Safe & secure

Regulated by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority and your money is protected by the government £85,000 compensation scheme.

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The bank for Hampshire & IOW